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"I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. She is an amazing therapist, who is thorough and professional and and to top that off she is a genuinely lovely person to meet."

-Sarina E.

"A necessity that happens to feel like a luxury! By far, my favorite self-care ritual."

-Dana D.

"Jen is the best acupuncture therapist. She fixed my back muscle problems and after a year of not seeing her, she remembers where we left off. I'm feeling the healing all over again. Can't forget to mention Grace's deep tissue massage. Talk about an effective duo. I really like the location and the decor in the office and the therapy rooms are spacious. I'm happy to be a patient again."

- Sergio G.

I can't say enough good things about Jen's care! I came to her about two years ago suffering from chronic neck problems. Since seeing Jen I am relieved to say that I no longer suffer from the debilitating head aches and neck problems that used to plague me. She has done an amazing job listening and diagnosing my situation - as well as applying an effective mix of acupuncture and cupping for relief. She is a warm person who truly cares about how you fell. The office is clean and invitiing and the staff is professional and welcoming. I can't recommend her practice highly enough!

-Kristen M.


All I can say is that Jen and her team are all very special individuals. As soon as you walk through the door you feel a sense of relief, calm, and peace. Truly healing body and soul. Highly recommend this practice

-Janet C..

"Jennifer is amazing. She takes her time with each patient. Her office is calming and reminiscent of a spa. I recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture therapy."

-Regina P.

"I started acupuncture for the first time with Jen in May, 2015, and not only did it quickly become one of my favorite forms of healing, but Jen quickly became one of my favorite people. She is not only an expert at what she does, but she is also a beautiful person, inside and out."

- Melissa D.

A friend recommended Jennifer for acupuncture to me in Fall of 2014 and I have been going ever since. Jennifer and her practice are extremely welcoming and professional! Jennifer takes her time with each appointment to consult with me and to see how she can individualize and tailor each treatments to my needs that week. Jennifer also takes the time to explain how acupuncture works and the reasons that she is targeting specific areas of the body. The office itself is extremely clean, comfortable and professional. Her receptionists are always pleasant and helpful. Nothing but positive things to say about Jennifer and her practice. So grateful someone recommended her to me.

-Melissa B.


Nothing but the best from this practice -- Professional, caring, experts in their field ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️    Cheryl K.

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